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Nielsen Architects is an Adelaide Hills based practice experienced in a wide range of architectural projects including commercial, retail, industrial, government, aged care, hospitality and residential. All members of our team are totally committed to providing a quality service offering professionalism, value, innovation, flexibility and integrity. We intend to continuously improve our system, while maintaining service and flexibility for our Clients.

This policy has been founded on a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements and to continually improve the System and our operations. To achieve our business objectives, we have implemented a Quality Management System which meets the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard.  
Quality objectives have been established and are regularly reviewed for continued suitability. Monitoring of these objectives is also undertaken to ensure key performance indicators are being met. Our quality objectives include:

•    Implement and maintain an externally certified Quality Management System
•    To reduce errors and meet or exceed the requirements of relevant building codes and guidelines
•    Meet the expectations of our customers and other interested parties

All staff are inducted into the System and understand the requirements of the documented policies and procedures which have been implemented to ensure the consistent quality of work provided. We are committed to ongoing training, ensuring our staff are appropriately qualified to undertake relevant tasks and have adequate resources available.

Management fully endorses this Quality Policy and the formal Quality Management System which has been fully implemented through all areas of the Company. It is the responsibility of all management and staff to ensure it is understood, implemented and maintained throughout the Company.

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